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Poker Fraud Alert
Bart Hanson comes on to talk about how Caesars screwed him out of a freeroll contest. Druff announces his WSOP plans, is selling pieces of himself again. Pokerstars returning to US -- well, at least New Jersey. GPL has inaugural draft, but will the whole thing be a fail? "Privateworld", purported high stakes nosebleed game insider, returns to 2+2. Obnoxious California bill would make it a felony to play Bovada in California. Caesars news: Renovations to begin on Augustus Tower at Caesars Palace, Total Rewards starts but then kills free buffet promotion, resort fees increase. Palms Casino matching tiers for other casinos' cards -- or are they? Borgata may separate soon from Party Poker in New Jersey. Maryland Live pulls shenanigans to lower poker rakeback to 17 cents per hour. Phil Galfond claims publicizing situation involving scammer will get him paid back. What would it take for PFA to be on a "real" radio station? Super Tuesday rough on Rubio, but solidifies positions of Trump and Hillary. Druff joins "PredictIt" to bet on primaries. Druff debates with Brandon and a attorney/listener about Hillary's 1975 defense of a rapist. Is Stephen Curry better than Jordan ever was? Calls from "GG" (who had a lot of questions from Druff), MumblesBadly, chinamaniac, and others. Tradershky and Northern California Guy co-host for a short time during this marathon 8+ hour show.