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Weeks ago Shurane Vijayaram took down the Aussie Millions for a cool 1.6m AUD. In a very special Episode 30, Shurane takes us through his remarkable poker journey from a $130 satellite to the spectacular and much discussed final hand of the tournament. Extremely likeable, refreshingly open, humble, flawed, yet brilliant, Shurane offers raw insights into playing big events. The stratchat consists of 2 final table hands that will blow your mind...

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Hand 1 - Great Laydown - Aussie Millions Final Table 

View the hand here at 39m

Blinds 25k, 50k 

Ben Heath 3.3m, Hijack, TT, raises 115K

Shurane 7.4m, Button, QQ, reraises 315K  

Ben Heath calls 200K

Pot 740K  


Heath Checks

Shurane Bets 275K  

Heath Calls

Pot 1.3m


Check, Check

River 2h

Ben Heath Bets 585K

Shurane Finds a Fold!

Hand 2 - Aussie Millions Final Table - Final Hand

View the Hand here at 1:04:30

Blinds 80K, 160K

Button, Shurane, 5d5h, 16m

Big Blind, Heath,  Ks8c,  5.2m

Shurane raises 360K 

Heath calls

Pot 720K

Flop 6h 9c 7s

Heath checks

Shurane bets 400K 

Heath calls 400K

Pot 1.5m

Turn 3h

Heath checks

Shurane bets 500K

Heath checkraises to 1.4m 

Shurane calls 900K

Pot 4.3m

River Qs

Heath moves all-in 3.2m

Shurane calls and wins!

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