Postflop Poker Podcast
Postflop Poker Podcast

Special guest Andrew Brokos from the Thinking Poker Podcast joins Mike and Merv for an interesting discussion, whilst Ben promises to be back next time. Andrew discusses his poker journey, before they tackle the Poser, which asks what is really meant in practical terms by "building a range". Finally, the strat-chat hand (28:30) is a hand sent in to Ben. You too could have your hand featured on the show - get in touch! For more on range building, check out the free video by signing up to my website.

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Hand: Live MTT GUKPT Main Event

Blinds 200/400 Antes 50

Hero Stack c35K in MP1 is dealt TT (10,10), LAG Villain Stack 28K on BU

Hero open raises to 1050

Villain 3-bets to 3100

FLOP 2 8 J Rainbow (Pot Size 7300)

Hero checks

Villain C-bets 2750

Hero check-raises to 7200

Villain Calls

TURN 7s (Pot Size 21700)

Hero Checks

Villain Shoves

Hero Folds

Duration: 3782 secondsSize: 43.29 Mb



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