Postflop Poker Podcast
Postflop Poker Podcast

We kick of 2018 by welcoming to the show tournament director of the upcoming Aussie Millions, Joel Williams. Appropriately we chose a poser this week for live players. We discuss the modern issue of calling the clock and get the fresh perspective of the casino staff, who play a vital role in protecting all of the players. At 29:16 our strat chat hand features a huge river bet from the one and only Phil Ivey.

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Hand - 2016 Aussie Millions $100K challenge

Blinds 700/1.4K - 169K effective stack  

Phil Ivey - BTN -  Raises to 3.2K

Fedor Holz folds his Small Blind

Italian Dario Sammartino - BB - stack 171K, with J9 spades Calls

Pot 8.3K - Flop 8T3 all hearts

Dario checks

Phil bets 4K

Dario check-raises to 13K

Phil calls

Pot 34.3K - Turn 7 clubs

Dario bets 18K

Phil calls

Pot 70.3K - River 7 spades

Dario (138K behind) checks

Phil shoves 135K

Dario uses his time-bank chip…

He calls

Pot 341K

Ivey shows TT and wins with a full house