The Mental Game Of Poker
Mental Game
What is the point of working hard on your game if you are going to get unlucky? Of course, fixating on the things out of your control is only going to make matters worse. The only thing you can do is double down your focus on the things you can control. Jason Mercier is one of the most prolific poker players in the world. He is about to surpass $10 million in live tournament cashes, he has previously been a Supernova Elite, he has two bracelets, an EPT title and a string of other huge results. He also has a reputation for having had more than his fair share of 'run good’. However you will learn from today’s show that the real reason for his success is surely his phenomenal work ethic. Many successful people have said that “the harder they worked, the luckier they got.” This sentiment rings true with Jason. If you are struggling to deal with variance, you would be much better off trying to emulate his work ethic than trying to will the cards your way.
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Jared Tendler

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