The Mental Game Of Poker
Mental Game
Today my guest Max Steinberg who recently finished 4th at the WSOP main event final table. I have been fortunate enough to have long time clients make the November Nine in each of the last two years. Last year it was 3rd place finisher Jorryt Van Hoof, and this year it was Max. I don’t publicly share specific details about what my clients and I do when we work together, but Max graciously volunteered to discuss this in depth. In particular we went into great detail about how he overcame a perfectionism issue which could have really hurt his performance at the final table. Max is a very talented hard working player, he is also a very humble and open guy away from the table and clearly the balance he has in his life has helped his poker results and general mindset towards the game. It has been a career highlight to share his journey towards the biggest final table in poker.
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Jared Tendler

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by Jared Tendler