The Mental Game Of Poker
Mental Game
My guest today on the Mental Game Podcast probably has about as varied a CV as you can imagine. Terrence Chan is a professional poker player, MMA fighter, former PokerStars employee, founder of Ultimate Poker and currently co-host of the 2+2 PokerCast. Because he has achieved so much in so many fields, I knew he was going to be very insightful about success and the learning process, but even I was surprised at just how educated he was on the topic of learning. If you want to take a sideways step from one career to another, Terrence is a brilliant example of someone who understands how to use what you already know to improve at something else.
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Jared Tendler

@FysioTimPoker Nice, good to hear. Have you come up with logic to inject as well? That'll help to correcting the cause of the emotion

by Jared Tendler