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Happy New Year! Now time for some tough love. Many of you are starting to make big goals for the year. Goals related to your career, your health or ticking something off your bucket list. Many of you also feel unstoppable. This will be your best year. You're inspired by what you're going to accomplish, how much money you're going to make, how strong you're going to get, how much weight you're going to lose, and more. Yet, the odds are greater that by the time April rolls around, you will be right back where you started having not made any progress, or very little at all. Right now, achieving your goals seems inevitable, but in just a few months they can feel impossible. In today's episode of the Mental Game Podcast I discuss why New Years Resolutions are often destined to fail. It's not because resolutions are cursed, it is often a result of predictable and preventable errors that are made at the time you set the goal in the first place. If you have a big goal this year, don't make the same mistakes you've made in years past. Listen closely to this episode, it could dramatically change the outcome of your year.
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