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Recent Podcasts

Recent Podcasts

Thinking Poker

Chad Power just finished 26th in the WSOP Main Event, so if you haven’t seen him on ESPN yet, you probably will soon. His real claim to fame in the poker world, though, is as the manager of a large stable of live cash game players whom he coaches and backs, and as an organizer of some of the biggest games in Maryland. Chad talks to us about the logistics and complications of his backing enterprise and how a winning player can nevertheless be “good for the game”.

Before you ask, Chad is not taking staking applications at this time. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook though.


0:30 – Hello and welcome 12:16 – Strategy 46:33 – Interview


Main V opens for 12 in EP (1100 eff). CO (350) calls. Hero flats with 3c 4c on the button.

Flop (37) Q42r with one club. EP bets 25, CO calls, Hero calls.

Turn (112) 6c. EP bets 60. CO folds, Hero raises to 165, EP calls.

River (442) 9d. EP checks, Hero bets $330

Duration: 6655 secondsSize: 126.94 Mb