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Poker Fraud Alert
We talk about Howard Lederer brazenly playing live poker again. We discuss Daniel Negreanu's videoblog trashing Lederer, as well as Haralobos Voulgaris' accusations against Daniel. The appointment of durrr and Isildur as new Full Tilt pros is discussed. Druff and Drexel give tips on how to cash out $500-and-up chips at Las Vegas casinos, in light of stories regarding the Venetian recently giving people the third degree. Alvin Finklestein calls up the Venetian to report that his elderly clients, Mordecai and Mimsy, are now afraid of cashing in their sole $500 chip at the casino. Hollywood insider Dave Lerman tells us about recently attending Madonna's daughter's 16th birthday party atop the Stratosphere, and his embarrassing experience in front of Madonna. Forum legend Wiz calls in to report cashout issues at Lock Poker. We discuss Phil Ivey's $11 million win at a British casino, and their refusal to pay him. Druff talks about the liquidation of defunct Purple Lounge Poker, and a group forming of disgruntled players to fight getting screwed. Druff attempts to call the man rumored to have caused the suicide of 15-year-old Amanda Todd, but gets a woman on the phone who may or may not have been related to him. badguy23 and rawwolf/Slim T debate with Druff as to what he really reached on that phone call. Druff talks about a recent horse race at Harrrah's Chester named after his 2-year-old son, Benjamin.